Why Are You Still Making Landing Page Mistakes in 2021? (and How to Fix ‘Em)

How about we cut to the chase:

There are a few things that you just shouldn’t do with your landing page.

Landing pages are made of a lot of components that each have an influence in the page’s prosperity. It can get confusing when it comes to using them right. Along these lines, one of your main components could be tossing the entire thing outta whack without you completely understanding it.

Consider it a huge Jenga tower, yet rather than blocks falling, it’s metrics.
Not as fun.

Whoops,and AWE ****. Don’t worry if you mess up; know that if you mess up you have a chance to fix it you have what you need to fix it. We should take a take a look at four of the most well-known landing page mistakes out there and figure out how to fix them.

Normal Landing Page Faux Pas (and How to Make Them Right)

Check out these four landing page mistakes you’ll find Out there and the guides to follow to fix them:

Drive all your traffic to one generic landing page

A landing page is like a funnel, not a bucket. You want it to lead people through the sales journey instead of collecting all of your traffic. Multiple landing pages tailored to different users will snag more conversions than a single universal landing page.

Check out the numbers.

According to HubSpot research, companies with 31 to 40 landing pages get seven times as many leads as businesses with only one to five of ‘em. Businesses with more than 40 landing pages create 12 times more leads than the folks with one to five. So, do you have to make 40+ landing pages for every campaign? Not necessarily—although it’s pretty easy to make tons of variants with the right landing page builder. But, your customers will be more receptive to your offer if you tailor your landing pages to their preferences.

It’s Easy to Start

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